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Kansas trooper magazine

The Kansas Trooper is an official publication of the Kansas State Troopers Association (KSTA) and has been published for more than 40 years.  The magazine is published quarterly and is dedicated to professional law enforcement and public education.  All materials published in the magazine are the property of KSTA. No articles in this publication may be reprinted without the express consent of the editor. To obtain consent, contact the editor of the Kansas Trooper at


The Kansas Trooper magazine is distributed to members of the KSTA (Troopers, Motor Carrier Inspectors, and Capitol Police), as well as local and state agencies, legislators, service providers, businesses, and Kansas educational institutions.  


The Kansas Trooper Editorial Committee is comprised of volunteer members of the KSTA who have agreed to serve in the furtherance of improving an already excellent publication. The committee’s purpose is increasing readership, creating a high quality publication for members of the KSTA, and providing timely thought-provoking content. The chair of the Editorial Committee is the current KSTA Vice President.


The Kansas Trooper magazine accepts articles and photos to be published in each issues.  The Editorial Committee reserves the right to approve or refuse a submission for publication.  If you would like to submit information to the magazine reach out to our editor.

Comments, Suggestions, Questions, Articles, Photos and Information may be sent to:
KSTA Editor - Mary Napier

If you would like to advertise in the KANSAS TROOPER, please contact our advertising office at 855-330-9643.


Periodically our magazine office receives calls - or Troopers are asked by people on the street - if we are soliciting funds for advertising or support for the Kansas State Troopers Association.  The KSTA solicits for advertising and business support from its advertising office (1-855-330-9643) for the Kansas Trooper magazine.  STATE TROOPERS DO NOT PERSONALLY SOLICIT FUNDS FOR THE ASSOCIATION and we do not call individuals.

Unfortunately, there are those who would use our good name, or a variation of it, to try and solicit funds for their own good.  The following organizations listed have NO AFFILIATION AND DO NOT BENEFIT the KSTA:

American Federation of Police - Washington DC
The Interstate Patrol Magazine - Houston, TX
Police Times Association - Washington, DC
The Highway Trooper Magazine - Houston, TX
International Association of Auto Theft Investigation - Denver, CO
The Law Officer - Washington, DC
The State Police Offiers Journal - Houston, TX
The Deputy Sheriff - Washington, DC
Drug Enforcement Journal - Houston, TX
International Union of Police - Washington, DC
American Association of State Troopers - Tallahassee, FL
The Law Officers Journal - Houston, TX
Trooper Recovery Journal - Washington, DC
The Police Investigator - Washington, DC
The Highway Patrol Magazine - Houston, TX
The Law Enforcement Journal - Houston, TX
United Troopers Journal - Houston, TX

We suggest you keep this list to refer to when your office, business or residence receives telemarketing solicitation calls.  Additionally, we invite you to call us toll-free to report rude or suspicious telemarketing calls you might receive - 855-330-9643.

Kansas State Troopers Association | 1200 SW 10th Ave. | Topeka, KS 66604 | 785-234-4488
KSTA Disclaimer/Copyright ©

Please note that the KSTA and KTF do not solicit funds from individuals for the Kansas State Troopers Association by phone. However, donations from businesses for the Kansas Trooper magazine may be solicited by phone.  If you have questions or concerns about a request you receive, please contact the webmaster.

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